5 THINGS: Avengers: Endgame Trailer

by Jeremy Goeckner, Editor-In-Chief

Is it Marvel and their unprecedented string of quality films that makes these trailer drops special or do they just know how to get us right when we want it most? We froth for weeks and months for footage and then, seemingly when all has died down, they drop the awesome bomb on us yet again. This time it comes a week after Captain Marvel opened to record-breaking numbers around the world in the form of a brand new and full-length Avengers: Endgame trailer.


Marvel has been insanely cautious about keeping the details of this movie as secret as possible. And in this world of professional spoil-artists, it’s amazing that we’ve reached a mere 43 days until the release without major plot points being leaked. Perhaps it’s the reverence all the crew and cast hold for this property and all that this culmination film means to the most ridiculously successful film run anyone has ever seen. Either way, we have brand new footage to break down and I’m giving you my 5 THINGS from this truly "get-hyped" trailer.

Scott Lang is in the Present

One of the more persistent rumors/theories that came from the first full Endgame trailer was the idea that the stinger at the end involving Cap and Widow looking at Scott Lang on a surveillance camera wasn’t live footage but rather an archive from the past. This sprung from the information we received in last year’s Ant-Man and the Wasp when Janet Van Dyne mentions “getting sucked into a time vortex” in the Quantum Realm (well that and the letter/number combo at the top of the video screen). Most have assumed that Endgame will contain a pretty heavy time travel component and took this little hints as their proof.

The most recent trailer however clearly shows Scott in the present-day MCU, back from his stranding in the Quantum Realm as a result of the snapture and confused as hell as to why there are so few people and so many missing persons posters on the pole. Now this doesn’t mean that Scott wasn’t in the past and then found his way back, but it seems like an awfully long road to go down for a movie that has a lot of pieces to fit together. This trailer is convincing me that the video footage from the first trailer is simply that, live video footage. But I still also believe that time travel and the quantum realm will be a big part of one of the Avengers’ plans in Endgame.

Not Looking Good For Hawkeye

One complaint about Infinity War was the lack of some key Avengers like Clint. I didn’t mind at all and I’ve had a long persisting theory as to why that seems to be legitimizing with each new trailer. For most of the trailer we see Clint in his Ronin form, which from the comics is a much more ruthless and cynical version of the Hawkeye character. But the trailer also gives us a context for why the MCU’s Clint goes down this road by showing us a quick clip of Clint and young girl practicing archery on Clint’s farm. Now, I’m going to tell you to please cheese it with the Kate Bishop stuff here and just assume it’s one of Clint’s kids that he’s teaching the family trade to.

Why is this important? My theory has always been that the best way to start Endgame is to use Hawkeye as a conduit. Something terrible has to happen for him to adopt the Ronin persona and the most likely avenue is loosing his family to the snapture. Using this as an opening scene gets us back into the very real and heartbreaking consequences of Infinity War and would be a perfect way to segue to the drab and hopeless landscape we see in the rest of the trailers. It’ll be heartbreaking to see Clint lose the family he left the Avengers for, but it’s going to be the body-blow we need for us to rise up with our heroes once again.

What's With the Red?!?!

There have been 3 main looks at Endgame: the two trailers and the Super Bowl ad. In the two most recent, Marvel has given us flashback scenes from the previous movies in black and white with one notable exception: in all of these shots some element of the scene is colored red. Think Schindler’s List and the girl in the red coat and you’re on the right track. In the Super Bowl spot all of this technique was given to those we lost in Infinity War (and in the order they died to boot). In this trailer, with the exceptions of Falcon and Scarlet Witch, the red highlights have belonged to those still alive. It still begs the question as to what the purpose is.

Now I suppose this could just be Marvel trolling us a bit and giving us carrots to chase, but as a graphic designer I can tell you that technique takes time so a purpose is most likely. Some have suggested that it’s a marker of a looming sacrifice a la Iron Man or Captain America. Others have suggested that the splashes of red might portend the importance of the Reality Stone in defeating or reversing Thanos’ snap. Either way, I’m open to theories as these highlights continue to perplex and excite me at the same time.

Epic Final Battle Brewing

Among the more stark (see what I did there?) images in the trailer are these quick clips of some kind of huge battle. The effects and shots we get portend something truly epic and dangerous for our heroes and the most striking shot is that of Cap tightening his shield to his arm and bearing down for an attack. We saw this shot in the Super Bowl ad but not with the added context of Cap’s face. Throw in Ant-Man diving through debris, Rocket and Rhody teaming up and Nebula charging at something with the fire of a 1000 suns and we have the makings of a pretty epic final battle.

That could be against Thanos or maybe a bigger threat that emerges as a result of the Snap. Either way, the Avengers truly do look to be in a literal fight for their lives. It’s been a bone of contention at the Network as to whether or not we should expect/want a sacrificial death in this film. I’m all for happy endings but if there is going to be a sacrifice, I want it to be earned. From the way these battle scenes look it appears we’re going to get an insane amount of action and thrills to go along with our potential tears.

Marvel-ous Meeting

I mean, come on, I had to talk about the stinger at the end. Sure the Quantum Suits are cool but not cooler than Carol and Thor meeting and sizing each other up. Thor tries to intimidate Carol by summoning Stormbreaker very close to her head. Carol doesn’t blink and even more matches Thor’s stare leading to the, I’m sure, soon to be often meme’d, “I like this one”. All kidding aside, it is interesting to see these two meet as Kevin Feige has already confirmed that Captain Marvel is the most powerful hero in the Universe and Thor is the one who came the closest to defeating Thanos in the first place (WHY DIDN’T YOU GO FOR THE HEAD DAMNIT?!?!?!).

This meeting also gives us a breath in the trailer and a bit of a reassurance that the signature Marvel blend of humor and thrills won’t be abandoned completely even though the stakes and loss for our heroes has elevated.

There’s so much more to talk about with this trailer but these are the 5 things that stood out to me the most. Either way, in 43 days we get to see what the last 10 years and 21 films have been building to and we’ll have a whole new slate of theories to wildly throw into the Internet. Either way, these trailers continue to be amazing and promise us the truly epic and satisfying conclusion we all deserve.

Jeremy Goeckner


Jeremy Goeckner started the Front Row when he was just a wee-little lad in college (which is also where he picked up Leprechaun language). He serves as the Editor-In-Chief and occasional columnist of the entire Network.

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